This blog is dedicated to sharing Yoga scripts and Yoga class ideas and how to weave Drumming and music to your classes. I am also including aromatherapy ideas such as the use of rose oil, lavender oil, mint oil and other scents. My scripts include small healing ceremonies to practice for yourself and with your class.

Yoga is the bringing together of the mind, body and spirit. I have found that adding drumming, rattles, rain sticks or timbrels really adds to the healing property of Yoga. 

I also have found that writing a “Teaching Script” really helps. By this you can review your ideas and themes for your classes. I enjoy teaching Restorative Yoga, Hand- Healing (such as Reiki),Meditation and Guided Imagery and Breath work.

Restorative Yoga is just that- to restore your “mind, body and spirit” after a long day or week. The focus of breathing correctly and also focusing on an image, helps to relax and clear your mind. 

We will bring many of these ideas together in this blog.





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