Today I would like to talk about “Teaching Scripts.” Teaching Scripts guide the teacher, regardless of the class they teach, with placing a creative idea down on paper (Ha! or typed on paper) and making it come to life. At one point I was an art teacher and it really helped with me with the step by step process between creating and instructing.Since then, every type of class, Yoga, meditation, breath work and yes….even my drum class I type up a script.

Also, since I lead guided meditation classes, once I create the journey, it’s nice to type it up and save. Of course after awhile, you will memorize your words.

I also record my meditations, and copy them to upload.

Let’s practice.Image

Crystal Meditation

So look around, maybe you have some crystals or walk outside and find some beautiful rocks. Rose Quartz are nice. Crystals of course are great. You can get them on-line and in spiritual shops.Let the crystals choose you.

More to come……