(You can read this meditation into a recorder App on your tablet or phone and then play it as you relax)

Relax your body on the earth. Relax your feet, close to the earth. Relax your legs, relax your arms and let them pour restfully on the earth. Relax your spine and back.Relax the back of the head, relax the face and eyes. Relax the crown.

Now imagine a wave of golden sunlight pouring from above into your crystal, which is above your head.Pull that warm light into your crown. Bathe in that light. Inhale and exhale.

Feel that light pouring into your forehead.Bathe your forehead in that light. Inhale and exhale.

Now the back of your head. Imagine that sunlight pouring through the crystal into the crown and now bathing the back of the head. Relax. Breathe in, exhale out.

The warm sunlight now pours from the sky above and down into the throat. Bathe your throat in warm, golden light. Breathe and audibly exhale with a sound of release…ahhhhhh.

The sunlight pours down from the crystal and into your arms and reaches the hands that hold the crystals. Feel the warmth and energy filling your hands.Breathe. Inhale that crystal energy and exhale.

Now imagine that warm sunlight and energy pouring down the spine. Press your back deeper into your mat, into mother earth. Ground yourself into the earth. Breathe. Inhale and exhale.

Now imagine the sunlight bathing your hips and legs with warmth. Heal your legs with this light and energy. Breathe. Inhale and exhale imagining the light from the sun seeping into the crystals above your head and in your hands, down the legs and below the feet.

Feel the sun bathing the front and back of the legs and covering the feet.

Breathe.Relax. Inhale and exhale. Enjoy the warmth.

Release the crystals from the hands. Place your hands upon the crown, breathe in and exhale out.
Place your hands under the back of the head. Breathe in and exhale.
Place hands upon the heart, listen to the heartbeat. Relax.

Place your hands upon the hips and lower back. We are grounding our energy by doing this. Continue with sides of legs and move the legs and toes.

Gently roll to your side and very gently pull yourself up. Keep your eyes closed.

Breathe in. Exhale. Shake your hands above the mat or earth. Open your eyes. Collect your crystals.

You are renewed.




Once your crystals have been selected, lie down on your mat. You can be outside in nature or inside. Place a crystal above your head with the point facing upward. Energy will be received for your crown chakra. Hold a crystal in each hand. Finally a smoky quartz crystal (for grounding) or a generator, clear or rainbow crystal at base of feet or just below where your feet will lie.
Close your eyes and relax.