some samples of Yogi Scarves


+Green Yogi Scarves +These are for use in a Pranayama practice, Asana practice, Dance practice +not to wear

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Yogi Scarves!!!!!


Well it’s finally here!!!!!My copyright for  the ELDER HATHA YOGI SCARVES PROGRAM!

Anyone interested? 

Well let me describe this to you. This program is for EVERYONE! Kids, adults, elders.

Using my YOGI SCARVES (with full scripted instructions) you can practice your breathing or pranayama utilizing the flow of Yogi scarves to become mindful of your breathing…….

You can dance and dance and dance with them! (HA! that’s what I like to do) ………

You can use the script to guide your kids through fun routines………

You can guide Elder groups, with easy movements to encourage hand and eye coordination……

More information to come!!!!!!!

Practice your crystal meditation( from the last post)too !

I will post pictures soon………