Sat Nam


yogadrummingandroses is now sharing Life Scripts.Scripts from the journal of life.

During this great adventure of Yoga, Lavender fields, meditation, sewing, art, walking through Labyrinths and great healing.


I had a wonderful evening in Kundalini class, I feel refreshed, centered and restored. Tonight we

Focused on a mantra, “Sat Nam” which can be referred to as Truth, Identity or Name.

It was very special and awakened my chakras, those flowing, brightly colored energy vortexes

that swirled through me, from my crown, to my root, to the soles of my feet.  I was drenched in

the flow of energy in which my Kundalini was widely awakened. My spine energy. My true

energy. My name.

Arriving at home, I thought about how I could continue this practice, with the same results.

How could I take this energy filled ritual and achieve something even close to what my teacher led me through?

I thought about focus. How I could focus myself without the instruction of a teacher, during the times away from class? How could I meditate on my own upon my mat or cushion?

I looked around my room, then I peered down at my mudra shaped hands. My wrist. What was that roped around my wrist?

My “Mala Beads.” My Mala beads, that speak to me and tell me that everything is OK.

They say “just sweep your fingers upon this bead and everything will be just fine.”

I slid the Mala beads off my wrist and embraced them in my palms thinking about it.

I reflected on my mantra. What was I saying? I recited “Sat Nam” or the name of Truth, the

name of God.

The vibration of God. Of creation. Sound.

That was the energy vibration pouring through me like the humming of a bee.

I thought about it. What if I say my mantra very slow? What if I say it with my breath, just

so I can remember it better? Just so I can experience this feeling again and again.

I took my seat upon a floral, tightly stuffed pillow, Mala on my lap.

I looked around at my room and at my altar area in particular. It was filled with some of my

favorite meditation items such as a small statue, sage sticks, crystals, a singing bowl and a few

bottles of pure essential oil.

I reached over and picked up the bottles. “Truth Oil” and “Balance Oil.” I put a dot on the center

palm of each hand and rubbed them together. Raising my hands to my nostrils, I breathed in

the essence of Jasmine, truth and great balance. That is just what I needed in my life right now.

Picking up my Mala, my garland of beads, my comfort, I placed them between my palms and

rolled the oil into them. I spun great warmth and heat into them and they became a part of me.

A beautiful tactile experience. A heart filled experience.

My Mala beads were now thoroughly drenched in the warmth and oil, speaking loudly to me. I draped them over my first finger on my right hand. I placed my thumb upon the largest

bead or Guru bead and said a little prayer about truth and balance. I touched the first bead with

my thumb and deeply inhaled.

A sound poured from my throat “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaat” vibrating from root up the spine. Pushing

the bead away the sound wave continued with the “t” sound. Moving to the next bead I called

out a very precise “Nam.”

The vibration continued from my throat and I pressed it up to my crown and allowed it to flow

into my aura.

I continued with the echo of “Sat Nam” pushing each bead.

Moving around the strand, I decided to go slower and smoother.

Fingertip on bead, eyes closed, I drew in my breath. My spirit. And letting my breath out, I

became aware of the air between my tongue and the roof of my mouth “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Then the cap of the “T” the tongue touching the sound at the gable or eave of my mouth.

A powerful “Nam” coming from my crown, my spiritual center of violet love.

I took this around the entire strand of beads, reciting high, and low and in a whisper.

When I completed my course, I wrapped my palms around my Mala- my friend- my best friend.

Thank you Mala beads for always being there for me.

Thank you Kundalini class for always being there for me.

Thank you to my Breath for always being there for me.

Sat Nam.