The “Rose” in Yoga, Drumming and Roses


It has been awhile and I have intended on continuing with sharing on this blog, my Yoga scripts to help teachers or give them theme ideas for classes.

I wish to continue writing about healing ceremonies, share and explain how to use yoga props, drum healing scripts and the use of Aromatherapy or healing herbs.

Now finally the “Rose” section of Yoga, drumming and roses has been typed!

Can you here the drum roll?


Roses are in honor of the 300 or so roses and garden that we had at one point in my yard, cared for mainly by my eldest son.  (Yes, my 2 other sons helped, but he spent almost ALL his time in that garden!) And it was worth it!

So today on a much smaller scale I decided to continue with a new garden at a new location.

I am including some directions of what I did. today.

Of course I am planting vegetables, but I consider the highlight  of the garden the herbs, because I love to use them for teas and  Essence Water.

Now I already had lots of mint in my garden pots, along with rosemary and lavender and a few more herbs.

Ice Tea is nice to make with your herbs by placing the various herbs like mint (if the leaves are dried you need to place them in a tea bag or cheesecloth) in a large glass ice tea jar and fill with about a dozen mint leaves along with about 3 Green Tea bags. The extra tea bags gives it a little boost. Fill the jar or container with warm filtered water and place in the Sun Light. You can also place it under  Full Moon light for more powerful energy.(More about that next time!)

Now Essence water can be made similar to this except place the mint leaves in a bowl of filtered water in the Sun light. The water will absorb the energy of the plant leaves.After several hours of absorption, strain and mix with a  little regular or cider vinegar. Add to a spray bottle with the fresh herb.

Essence water can be sprayed or a dot played under tongue for healing. I prefer to just spray it on for refreshment and rejuvenation. Mint helps with exhaustion, Headaches and digestion along with much more. Rosemary brings clarity to your mind, helps you meditate and relax. They say it creates good luck if you have it in your garden-so always plant it first!

And now, the instructions for the “Mixing Tub Gardens.”

Here are a few very easy directions. I was guided in this process by my son via the phone.Have to admit, I over did the seeds.


  •  I used Cement Mixing Tubs. They can be found at any home improvement store.
  • I drilled holes in the bottom at each of the corners and center for drainage.



It really is easy!

20160409_124025_resized (1).jpg

  • I used Miracle grow for the soil.
  • Slice the bag  of Soil over one tub at a time.
  • I covered my hands with gloves and broke up the soil.
  • Then I placed the seeds over the areas I was going to plant the seeds in . I did not plant all my seeds at once because in a few weeks I will do the next batch.
  • The bean seeds had to be soaked for awhile.20160409_122006_resized.jpg
  • The peas above that are growing, were planted during Spring Equinox. When they grow along with the beans I will use sticks to allow them to climb up and also up the wall.

During Spring Equinox I led a ceremony in Yoga class for new beginnings, cultivation and growth.I took glittered plastic Easter eggs and peas,beans & flower seeds. Gave everyone an egg and seeds. We held the seeds sending our thoughts, intents and ideas into them. Then poured them into our eggs. Using my Buffalo drum, I Drum Smudged everyone as they shook their eggs around themselves. Cleansing and positive energy filled the seeds.Everyone was to plant the seeds to visually show their dreams cultivating and growing. These peas are the result of that ceremony.

Continuing with the seeds, it looks like I have way too many seeds in my tubs my son told me.20160409_120017_resized.jpg

But I watered them all anyway and saved all the extra seed packages for next time.

I am hoping to have zucchini, beans, Lemon balm, carrots, chamomile, swiss chard and so much more.

Well,  I will keep everyone posted on the veggies and herb garden and I think I will explain a little more next time about the Moon and Sun teas.

Until then, great peace to everyone.